Hello, my name is

Marco Vogt

I am a Computer Scientist, Researcher  andEntrepreneur

I am a Computer Scientist conducting research in the area of multimodel database systems. To make a living, I co-founded a company developing an innovative database system.

<b>Marco</b> Vogt
Computer Scientist

What I Do

my Business
CEO of the Polypheny GmbH

We offer a novel kind of database system that enables a degree of data integration that cannot be achieved with other products.

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PostDoc at the University of Basel

I am a Postdoctoral researcher in the Databases and Information Systems (DBIS) Group at the University of Basel.

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IT Consulting & Webhosting

I am a reliable partner, taking care of all IT related aspects of my customers.



my Results

Polypheny is an innovative multimodel database system that seamlessly combines heterogeneous data storage engines.

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A system for the automation of the entire evaluation workflow.

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A series of small articles explaining and illustrating basic computer science concepts to people outside the field.

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AVR Remote

A small program that can be used to remote control a Denon AVR from the computer.

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